Beauty comes from within.

Nico’s leadership philosophy derives from a rich spiritual belief in positive energy and the laws of attraction.  Filling your heart with these beliefs affects your energy and the energy of the space you are within, spreading to fellow stylists and clients alike creating an environment that is not only uplifting in spirit, but creatively palpable, positive, and destined for greatness.  Nico strongly believes in the place that you work being a place you look forward to being at and find hard to leave because you abslutely love being there.  This philosophy makes it completely natural to touch people’s lives and not only make them beautiful on the outside but, more importantly, make them feel beautiful on the inside.

Having worked in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Chicago, Nico pulls together over a decade of experience working with clients from all walks of life and has seen many sides of the industry.  This rich and diverse experience has given Nico great insight into conturing an experience at MANE for stylists and clients.

“I believe beauty isn’t just an aesthetic, is a way of life.  It’s within you and when your wear your beauty on the inside, it shines through the outside and becomes contagious to those around you.  I look forward to you experiencing everything we have put into MANE salon.  Peace and love.”

- nico