Hello beautiful family at MANE!

This lovely announcement comes to you from Silvia, Nico, Dan and Nick.  Because it is too short notice to call a PRIDE meeting and we wanted to let you know before this goes public on our website and social media, we would like to introduce you to ALEX CROFT (applause)!

Alex will be taking the role of head manager at MANE Salon.  She comes to us from many years of leadership experience at Red 7 Salon and is very passionate about what we have created here at MANE.  Alex will slowly be introducing herself to each of you, getting familiar with how we do things, and working with us to continue to heighten the experience of our salon for all of us as well as our guests and clientele.

To have begun 2017 with a new expansion and end the year with new leadership it makes us very excited for what lies in the future for MANE SALON.

Thank you, much love to you, and please welcome our new member to the PRIDE with positivity!


Silvia, Nico, Dan, Nick


ALEX: brief bio

Alex has been in the industry over 10 years, starting her studies as Sassoon educated thru way of a connection school experiment Sassoon did in the mid aughts.  She has also studied with Sally Rogerson, Ashley Norman, Tina Haukjaer, Wella, Redkin, Kevin Murphy and more; as well as being an educator for 3+ years and training apprentices.  Alex is excited and honored to be working along side some of the most talented and lovely people in Chicago at MANE Salon :)